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Collection SS2021


Spring Summer

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Collection SS2021

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The refined and elegant Marino Fabiani models loved by women are icons of style and transform into an object of feminine desire

Le Décolleté

Precious and refined, Marino Fabiani décolleté shoes are expressions of elegance, femininity and Italian craftsmanship.

Flat and Mule

Using glamour as an inspiration as well as sought-after inserts give an authentic and personal style to each model which are the perfect mix of elegance and comfort

Marino Fabiani Bags

A line of accessories dedicated to women who love attention to detail and good taste.

Marino Fabiani Sandals

Marino Fabiani sandals bring out elegance in every occasion with their contemporary design, sophisticated lines, unique production, and valuable leathers.

The World of Marino Fabiani

Each model is an expression of Italian mastery and craftsmanship


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Spring Summer Marino Fabiani Collection